Combo plate for 2 persons

SIGNS ON THE MENU CARD: V vegetarian, 1 gluten, 2 crustaceans, 3 eggs, 4 fish, 5 peanuts, 6 soya, 7 lactose, 8 nuts,almonds, 9 celery, 10 mustard, 11 sesame seeds, H - hot, spicy In case you would like to exclude any of the ingredients from your chosen dish,or you have any allergy, please let us know in advence, because we cannot accept complaints afterwords. Thank you!
Simple poultry plate 2 PERSONS
3990 Ft

Breaded chicken breast, grilled chicken breast, bistro potatoes, rice

Duck plate 2 PERSONS
4990 Ft

Grilled duck breast, duck leg confit, onion mashed potatoes, stewed red cabbage

Mixed plate 2 PERSONS
4990 Ft

Grilled chicken breast, breaded chicken breast, stuffed pork roll with cheese, ham and mushroom, served with bistro potatoes, rice and green salad

5990 Ft

Supreme chicken breast BBQ, spare ribs BBQ, sweet potatoes fries, garden salad, coleslaw

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