Terms of Services

Please, if buyers and active user wants to our webstores, to review our Terms of Service, and only in those cases take advantage of our services, if any of agrees, and headline as valid with respect to itself. This document is not filed, only be concluded by electronic means, will no longer be retrieved.

The process of ordering::

Purchasing is conditioned upon customer's registration. Then please use your e-mail address and your password to login. Login to our site using your e-mail address and your password. Select the items and put them into your cart. Before sending your order you may change your billing address, or you might indicate if you wish to receive an invoice with VAT.( Unfortunatelly, no subsequent invoices will be issued, unless you indicate when ordering that you need one.) Note that at present we only deliver within Pécs.!

General delivery periods:

Ordering every day: between 11.00 am and 10.00 pm,

Delivery wait time for food and drink is 40-90 minutes,

Please submit a delivery time, the delivery and the billing address– if it differs from what you registered with . And finally, please double-check your submitted data and click on the "all data checked , send order" button.

You might take your order for all of our products by phone but only if you are a registered customer, which we will see checking your e-mail address in our system.

You might follow the details of your order through the e-mails which are sent automatically to your e-mail address, that you provided when you signed up. Your order is registered in our system by the number indicated in your confirmation e-mail. It is very unlikely, but it sometimes happens that, due to busy network traffic, the confirmation e-mails are delivered only hours later. If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us regarding the status of your order at 06/20/505-0909!

Our contractc is created by an implied contract when the confirmation e-mail is sent by us. If you are ordering from us for a greater amount of money we might also contact you by phone, so please make sure you submit a phone number where you are available.

If you created a guest account with a false e-mail address, or if your e-mail account is temporarily down, you might not receive any confirmation e-mails from us. Please make sure that you submit your data accurately, and that there is always enough space for your new letters on your e-mail account.

Costs of delivery and value limits:

Cost of delivery:

Food: within Pécs: 400 Ft.

Minimal order value: 1500 Ft.

Complaint, cancellation regarding your order or delivery:

We take full responsability for your order until it is delivered. The coffee maker machines, the package also includes a warranty card. Check the package to the courier upon delivery before please look at the products detected and potentially damage a record, please, and do not take over the package. Ex post, minutes without complaint, we can not accept.

Only if you want to order products that are in receipt of a package to be able to pay the courier! That have not been back to back packets, the delivery fee, and perishable products, the total purchase price may be charged to the customer!

Depending on the manufacturer of coffee machines from 12 to 24 month warranty. For more information about warranty conditions and the guarantee certificate. The failure of the product warranty card supplied at the address and phone number you can get more information on what to do, as well as the contact details provided on one. The product warranty costs thereof to deliver the customer. For warranty rules 151/2003. (IX.22.) Government Decree.

Right of withdrawal:
The distance contracts concerning 17/1999. (II.5.) Decree under the regulation of consumer products in order of receipt within 8 working days to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, you may return the product ordered. Exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer of the product other than the return of the expense is not borne by the company, however, does not demand compensation for damage resulting from misuse. The right of withdrawal shall not be exercised by, inter alia, "specifically for the consumer's request, his demands imposed by an individual's request is generated for the case of perishable foods."

We kindly accept any complaints or remarks you might have with respect to your order and the delivery on the e-mail address: info@everyfood.hu or at the phone number 06/20/505-0909. All the complaints and remarks will be responded substantively within 30 days

Organizations in charge:

Notary of Pécs, City of County Rights (Pécs Megyei Jogú Város Jegyzője) Address: 1 Széchenyi Square, Pécs, 7621 Phone number:+ 36 (72) 533-823

Reconciliation Committee on Consumer Protection of Baranya(Baranya Megyei Békéltető Testület) Address: 36 Imre Majorossy Street, Pécs, 7625 Phone number:+ 36 (72) 507-154

 Operator details:

  • Company name: R.C.P. Ltd.
  • Location: 2 Városház köz, Pécs, 7621
  • VAT number: 14850248-2-02
  • Company registration number: 02 09 074470
  • Issuer of registration, registration offices: Baranya County Court as Court of Registration (Baranya Megyei Bíróság, mint Cégbíróság)
  • Contract Language: English
  • Electronic access: info@everyfood.hu
  • Telephone contact: 06/20/505-0909

Terms and conditions of payment:

Customers of the package to be paid on receipt of the courier. Payment only by cash is possible! The total amount payable to the order confirmation letter and the summary of all costs included.

What to pay attention to when purchasing?

- Please read the guide of our webshop, the terms and conditions of purchase and delivery and the terms and conditions of payment carefully before completing your purchase!

- Make sure you read the safety conditions, where the security of your data is guaranteed!

- Make sure that you keep record of all the data of your purchase!


Privacy policy

Our guarantee of personal data protection
We hereby specify our policy of personal data handling. This online privacy rule applies under all circumstances, unless it is stated otherwise in the form or contract signed by the customer and by us.

Visiting our site
Feel free to browse our website without signing in or without providing any personal data. Although some information is recorded as part of the working process of our website, this information is not used for any purposes. We can only have access to your personal data for example your phone number, your address or any other information if you submit them of your own free will by filling in our order form or our registration page.

What happens to the provided information?
All the data collected on our website is required , because it is our priority to provide the highest quality of service possible. The provided data is used for informing our customers about any facilities that might be of any interest to them and to improve the quality of our service. We don't sell or let any personal data of our visitors for any third parties. Those who are part of the electronic organization (sellers, suppliers and others) are only provided with the data which is absolutelly necessary for them to fulfill their business obligation. We only releas personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so.

How do we protect the provided information?
All the data you provide is electronically stored and is only used by us. All the parties (sellers, suppliers and others) are asked to act upon our policy and handle your data privately. These parties are only supplied with the data which is absolutely necessary for them to fulfill their business obligation.

Automatic data grabbing during your visit
The so called cookies are small files, which which we savea on your computer to be able to identify you during you are browsing. These cookies are also good for filtering the returning advertisements we would send you or for us to be able to develop our page to better suit YOUR needs . Apart from the above, we also gather information about the visits. We create statistics, for instance, about the number of visitors per day,about the most frequently visited pages, and about the amount of time spent browsing them. Based on this data we are able to identify the needs and priorities of our visitors and thus we can offer products and services that suits best our visitors' needs. The data gathered this way will not be connected to any data which would personally identify you. This means, that we register your visit, but you will stay anonymus. At present we are not gathering any information regarding the personal habits of our custumers or our visitors. We do not sell, or let any log files, customer data and personal information stored on our server to anyone, including those who are linked to our website or who advertise on our website. 

Underage visitorson our website
We would be glad if parents took an active part in monitoring the activities of their children while the minors are browsing the internet. We do not intend to gather any information from anyone who claim oneself to be under 18 and visits our page. If you are under 18,do not submit any information on our website, please let your parents provide us with all the required information.

Links to other pages
All the links that are on our page are placed there in favour of providing a better service for our customers. We are not responsible for the content of these websites, or their data protection policy. The fact that there are links leading to other pages does not mean we promote their service or we endorse their proceedings.

Modifying your personal data 
You can modify or correct your data anytime, you only need to e-mail us at info@everyfood .hu or after signing in click on "my data" and change your data there.

Questions and worries
Should you have any questions or worries regarding the security of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail at info@everfood.hu.

About the content of the website and the webshop:
All content (documents, texts, pictures, labels) on the website and in the webshop are intellectual properties of the operator and other third parties and as such, can only be used with certain legal restrictions.

Changes of terms 
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. If we do so, we will post an announcement about the changes on this website. Please, read the section about our instructions of personal data protection regarding the use of your personal data.


The present general terms and conditions not covered by the Civil Code in matters of distance contracts on 17/1999 (II.5.) Government regulation, and e-commerce and information society services, in some aspects of the 2,001th CVIII. tv. provisions shall prevail.

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